Orchard Breeze Farm
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Orrtanna, PA  |  717-642-9732  |  orchardbreezefarm@gmail.com
 Sausage Grillers $8/lb  
   Sweet Italian
   Hot Italian
   Peppers & Onions
   Breakfast Links
   Apple Cinnamon
Tenderloin $11/lb
Loin Chops $10/lb
*Nitrate Free* Bacon $11.50/lb
Smoked Bacon $11/lb
Rasher Bacon $12/lb
Boston Butt or Loin Roast $7/lb
Smoked Ham Steaks $9/lb
Rack of Ribs $6/lb
Pulled Pork $17/lb
Orchard Breeze Farm Products
Our products are of the highest quality. We always try to have a variety of the finest cuts of meat available for purchase, however the availability of cuts depend on what is sold in between the time we have animals processed. 

We also carry PA farm raised venison and bison, available cubed and ground.

High quality meats and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priority
100% Certified Berkshire Pork
(3-5 lb. average)
Whole $4.75/lb
Split $4.85/lb
8 pieces $4.95/lb

Hearts/Livers/Gizzards $4/bag
Ground or Stew $17.5/lb
Loin Chops $20/lb
Leg Steaks $18/lb
Slab of Ribs $10/lb
Shanks $13/lb
Shoulder Roast $14/lb
Leg Roast $15/lb
Broth Bones $10/bag

Filet $20/lb
Rib-Eye Steak $16/lb
New York Strip Steak $15.75/lb
T-Bone $15/lb
Porterhouse Steak $15.50/lb
Sirloin Kabob Cubes $14/lb
London Broil $10/lb
Stir Fry/Fajita Strips $9.50/lb
Smoked Beef Bacon $11.50/lb
Brisket $7.50/lb
Ground Beef $6.50/lb
Patties $7/lb
Chuck Roast $7/lb
Stew Cubes $8.50/lb
Meat Loaf Mix $8/lb
Bacon Burger $9/lb
Smoked Brisket $19/lb